Training Services

Training for Technological Success

At SAiS training center in Botswana, we offer training that enhances IT skills, improves productivity, and prepares for efficient IT administration and system implementation.

Our partnerships

Our Process

Effective Training Methodology

We offer a structured, step-by-step learning process, to fill skills gaps across various IT domains, from implementation to system upgrades and daily IT administration.

Skill Gap Analysis

We begin by identifying specific training needs, particularly in areas such as system implementation, IT support, and migration processes, to tailor our training programs.

Interactive Sessions

Our training methodology includes instructor-led classroom training, instructor-led live virtual interactive sessions that emphasize hands-on experience and practical application of skills in real-world scenarios.

Customized Training Design

Based on identified needs, we design training programs that are tailored to provide targeted learning and skill development for specific organizational roles.

Post-Training Support

We offer comprehensive post-training support, providing resources and assistance to reinforce the training and ensure long-term skill retention and application.

Our Services

Diverse Training Services for IT Excellence

Our services are designed to offer comprehensive training in vital areas like IT system implementation, migration, and administration, tailored to the specific roles and requirements of your organization.

Implementation Training

We provide specialized training for effectively handling new system implementations, equipping staff with the necessary skills to manage these projects successfully.

Migration Process Training

Our training programs include skills development for seamless system migration activities, ensuring smooth transitions with minimal operational impact.

Legacy System Upgrade Training

Training focused on updating and modernizing legacy systems, providing the necessary knowledge and skills for successful system upgrades.

IT Administration Skills

We offer training specifically designed to equip IT administrators with the essential skills needed for effective and independent operation management.

Why Choose Sais?

Our training programs are meticulously crafted to enhance IT management capabilities, significantly boosting organizational efficiency, adaptability, and readiness for technological advancements.

1/ Industry Expertise

Our trainers are seasoned professionals, ensuring the training is relevant and up-to-date with industry standards and practices.

2/ Practical Application

We emphasize hands-on learning, providing practical experience that translates directly to real-world applications.

3/ Role-Specific Programs

Our training is customized to meet the unique needs of different organizational roles, ensuring targeted and effective learning.

4/ Ongoing Development

We offer continued support and resources for ongoing skill development, ensuring long-term benefits from the training.

Frequently asked questions

What should you know about our training services

We specialize in system implementation, migration, upgrades, and IT administration, offering comprehensive training in these key areas.

We conduct an in-depth assessment to identify specific skill gaps, ensuring our training addresses these effectively.

Yes, our focus is on interactive, hands-on learning for practical skill application in real-world scenarios.

Absolutely, we customize our programs to meet distinct role-specific needs and objectives.

We provide continuous support and resources to ensure ongoing development and application of skills.

Our training enhances IT administration skills, increases overall productivity, and significantly reduces implementation risks.