Implementation Services

Strategic Implementation Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Our tailored implementation services optimize your business operations, ensuring smooth, strategic transitions for lasting success.

Our Expertise

Our Process

Streamlined process for Successful Implementation Engagements

At SAiS, our streamlined implementation services kick off with comprehensive analysis, followed by precise planning and efficient execution. We partner closely with clients for seamless transitions and optimized business success.

Assessment & Planning

We conduct a thorough analysis to understand your unique business requirements and identify the optimal implementation strategy.

Custom Development

Our experts then tailor and develop additional functionalities to meet your specific business needs, ensuring a custom fit.

System Integration

Following assessment, we integrate new solutions with your current infrastructure, ensuring they work together cohesively and efficiently.

Transition Management

We oversee a smooth transition from old to new systems, with minimal disruption, completing the implementation cycle.

Our Services

Achieve Success With Our Deep Expertise in Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services at SAiS ensure a seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions into your business fabric. We specialize in customizing and deploying robust systems that align with your strategic goals.

ERP Implementation

We streamline your business operations, offering a unified and efficient ERP platform for HCM, FMS, SCM, and CRM. Our service ensures that you leverage the full range of ERPNext, Oracle e-Business Suite and Microsoft Dynamics capabilities for optimal performance of the selected application.

BI, Analytics & Data Warehousing Solutions

We specialize in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and EPM, providing insights that drive smarter decisions. Our solutions transform data into actionable intelligence, fostering a culture of informed decision making & strategic business planning.

Business Process Management

Enhance and automate your core business processes with our BPM services. We design tailored workflows that improve efficiency, visibility, and agility, enabling you to respond quickly to evolving market demands and operational challenges.

Insurance & Banking Solutions

Our tailored solutions for the insurance and banking sectors prioritize compliance, security, and efficiency. We integrate robust systems that support financial services' unique needs, from risk management to customer service enhancement.

Infrastructure Solutions

Developing and deploying infrastructure solutions that are scalable, secure, and resilient. Our services ensure your IT infrastructure can support current & future demands, reducing downtime & maximizing business continuity.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Leverage the power of the cloud with our Oracle Cloud Solutions. We deliver scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud implementations, designed to enhance agility and foster innovation in your business operations.

Oracle Database Management

Our Oracle Database management ensures your databases are optimized for high performance and reliability. We provide comprehensive support, from setup to tuning, to handle your critical data efficiently.

Microsoft Technologies Integration

Expertly integrating Microsoft Technologies, including Office 365, SharePoint & Exchange, we enhance collaboration & productivity. Our solutions are tailored to fit seamlessly into your business processes.

Why Choose Sais?

Select SAiS for a partnership where precise implementation meets strategic foresight. We focus on Oracle and Microsoft platforms to enhance your business processes and data management with reliable and scalable solutions.

1/ Oracle Expertise

Gain from our Oracle proficiency to streamline and unify your business processes for better efficiency and insights.

2/ Boomi and Spring Boot Integration

Leverage our expertise in Boomi and Spring Boot for efficient data connectivity and application development, driving your digital transformation.

3/ Cloud Capabilities

Move to the cloud confidently with our expertise, making your business more flexible and cost-effective.

4/ Infrastructure Solutions

Rely on our infrastructure services to support your current operations and scale for future demands.

5/ InsurTech Innovation

Benefit from our InsurTech solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology with insurance processes, revolutionizing customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

What should you know about our Implementation services

The standard procedure commences with a comprehensive needs assessment, succeeded by meticulous planning, implementation, thorough testing, and continued support to guarantee a seamless transition.

The duration can vary depending on the complexity of the project, but we work efficiently to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.

We excel in implementing a diverse range of systems, including Oracle e-Business Suite, Business Intelligence, Insurance Solutions, Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud, Database, and Microsoft Technologies.

We provide ongoing support to address any issues, ensure system reliability, and optimize performance at SAiS.

We tailor our services to align with your unique business requirements, ensuring the solutions meet your specific needs.

We serve a wide range of industries, including finance, banking, insurance, and more, offering adaptable solutions across various sectors.