SAiS and Oracle hosted MiniCluster Event

April 25, 2017
SAiS and Oracle hosted Optimized Solutions for Optimized Results Executive Summit in Botswana. The theme was around unlocking the agility and innovation within Engineered Systems. The value add to the Oracle customers in Botswana and their organization as such to maintain security and control of respective IT environment. The presentation and discussions was factored on the following three key subjects:
  • Reducing IT expenditure and Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Protecting their data with advanced encryption and security solutions.
  • Achieving exceptional performance, increased response times, faster time to market and scale on demand.
Oracle’s brand new technology release on MiniCluster was presented along with a Cloud Infrastructure services. The event was attended by 48 representatives from organisations across Government, Parastatels and Private institutions. The representation came from various key sectors driving the Botswana economy like Government, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Education, Utilities to name a few.
The event was supported with a live technology demonstration on MiniCluster. This is for the first time that a live demo was conducted at any public event using Oracle Engineered Systems machine. SAiS handled the demo with Database Creation, VM Creation, Enabling security profiles, backups, recovery etc. were presented. The ease to execute the setup was drastically cut down from 3 hours to few minutes.
Five senior executives from Oracle witnessed the presentations and technology demonstration.